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Customized Solution Delivery

PRI’s talented and innovative team of professionals has the full range of expertise and experience to deliver valuable and often groundbreaking solutions for new or existing businesses. Your specific need may not be listed here, and we expect that. Use PRI’s Customized Solution Delivery to enhance and grow your company, or create a new one. Have a great idea? We can turn it into a fully formed, fully functioning online business. Here are just a few examples:

March of Dimes’ PeriStats
Doctors, researchers, and journalists from all over the world use the database-driven site we prepared for the March of Dimes’ Perinatal Data Center.

Shipment HQ™
PRI’s proprietary audit software analyzes invoice and shipment data in real time to identify cost-efficient shipment options and related benefits.

CCM (Creative Case Manager)
PRI’s proprietary case-management software for the statewide system serves children and families receiving Medicaid/Medicare billable services.

NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders), Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing at New York University College of Nursing
The NICHE Network consists of nearly 300 hospitals throughout North America. The collaborative network allows leading experts and practitioners to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices to improve elder care. Interactive modes include mentoring, webinars, seminars, NICHE discussion boards, and Encyclopedia. Read about it in the New York Times.